Jessica Dowlatsingh

Yoga Instructor

Jessica Dowlatsingh
Location Ajax, Ontario
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In addition to being a mom of twin boys, Jessica is also a yoga teacher and therapist, specializing in yoga therapy and yoga solutions for busy moms. She is in the midst of launching a yoga tool to help busy moms easily and seamlessly incorporate yoga into their daily activities.


For as long as she can remember, Jessica has always favoured holistic healing and turned to natural products and home remedies to support her health. Since having her identical twins toddlers though, natural healing has become even more vital to ensure only the best products and remedies for her growing children.


After having great success with some of the Orange Naturals products with her family, Jessica decided to become an Orange Naturals Ambassador to share these simple and effective products with as many families as possible. Learn more about Jessica’s yoga solutions for busy moms!

My Favourites

My absolute favourite is the Eczema Relief Homeopathic Cream. It’s the ONLY cream that has been able to help my son’s eczema.

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