Do I have to eat meat to get enough protein?

Do i have to eat meat to get enough protein?

When you hear the word protein, you might automatically think of steak or chicken. But today there are more alternative protein options than ever before – good news for those who'd rather not eat meat. If you want to avoid animal-based protein sources, there are readily available options that provide just as much, ... Continue Reading

Summer Safety Tips

Summer safety tips

Can you believe it’s summer already? It seems like only yesterday we were trudging around in heavy coats and winter boots. But as much as we all love warm weather, there are some things we need to be cautious about when we spend more time outside and expose ourselves to ... Continue Reading

The Low-Down on Eggs

The low-down on eggs

Kate Shore of St. Catharines Ontario wasn’t worried about her cholesterol levels skyrocketing when she recently stepped up her egg consumption. “I don’t have any concerns over eating too many eggs. I eat two every morning and have for the past 16 months. My husband made me go to the ... Continue Reading

Put a Detox at the Top of Your To-Do List

Put a detox at the top of your to-do list

There’s no time like the start of a new season to detoxify your body. Spring signifies newness and rebirth and it makes sense to clean up what toxins might be lurking in your organs after a long winter.  You may have always wanted to do a detox but weren’t sure how to ... Continue Reading

When Your Child Asks To Help, Say Yes!

When your child asks to help, say yes!

As a parent, you may have uttered the words: “Be careful, you’re going to cut yourself!” or “Here, let me do that”. Sometimes it’s easier to do the job yourself.  With not enough hours in the day, we tend to rush through our tasks and brush our children off whenever ... Continue Reading

Food for Fuel

Food for fuel

You may be one of the many women who skip breakfast and head straight to the gym, unaware that you’re shortchanging your body of much needed energy. Although it’s not always possible to fit in a big breakfast three hours before a workout, it is important that you eat the ... Continue Reading

Deciphering Your Child’s Coughs

Deciphering your child’s coughs

It starts with a sneeze, a sniffle and a small cough - then you get the call to pick your child up from school. The sneeze turns into a full-blown cold and the cough gets louder, accompanied by mucous and a concerning wheeze. Should you wait a few days before ... Continue Reading

Parenting Alert: Your Access to Homeopathic Medicine

Parenting alert: your access to homeopathic medicine

Caring for your children's colds and flus with safe and gentle natural medicines is about to disappear   On July 31st 2016 your access to safe and effective homeopathic medicines for your children's coughs, colds and flus will be severely restricted. New Health Canada labelling laws will require that homeopathic cough, cold ... Continue Reading