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Thrive in Five: Friday

by Orange Naturals Team on in Kid's Health

Thrive in Five: Friday

Friday Fun-Day: Get Ready for the Weekend!

“Thank Goodness it’s Friday!” The school week has come to a close and it’s time to celebrate with some good quality family time. Orange Naturals has some suggestions to help you make the most of your Friday and keep your kids smiling all weekend long.

Make Active Play-Based Learning Educational

Just because the school week is done, it doesn’t mean that the learning stops! Engage your children with fun, play-based learning. The link between play and learning has been acknowledged for a long time; it allows children to fulfill their natural curiosity. Play-based learning can help your children develop skills in six key learning areas: personal and social development, language, math, science and technology, health and physical activity, and arts.  Look back on what your children learned during the week and make Friday a day to reinforce those lessons with creative, active and fun scenarios using props or costumes. Call on your children to use their imagination and problem solving skills.

Celebrate success with healthy sweet snacks

The end of the week means it’s time to celebrate. Kids love to snack on everything and anything sweet. Sneak in a healthy treat with a bit of chocolate or maple syrup to satisfy their sweet tooth. Or take the time to make a healthy treat together, like organic oatmeal cookies or a fruit smoothie, for a fun Friday night activity. It is a common misconception that healthy foods can’t taste great. Take the time to discover and experiment with different sweet and healthy recipes to find out what your kids like best.

Keep the good times going with probiotics

Back-to-school can mean big changes, especially in terms of schedules and diet, which can also mean a change in our digestive tracts. By the end of your first week back, you will know if your little ones are having any issues with their GI tract. If this is an issue we encourage you to chat with your health care practitioner about incorporating probiotics into their weekly routine.

Probiotics play a key role in maintaining good gut bacteria, which adds to good overall health.  

The gut has an amazing “second brain” – an intricate network of neurons that communicates with our “main” brain. Research shows that bacteria in the gut can communicate with the central nervous system. In fact, 95 per cent of the body’s serotonin, our “feel good” hormone, and 50 per cent of the body’s dopamine are produced in the gut! For optimum health, and to ensure the next week is as great as this one, make sure to consider a probiotic in your children’s routine.

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