Naturopathic medicine is a system of healthcare that investigates all the factors that affect your health and well-being, including family history, diet, lifestyle and stress. A first appointment with a naturopathic doctor can be an hour or longer, as the doctor takes the time to really understand the many aspects of your life that mould your health!

Is naturopathic medicine new? No! It actually traces back thousands of years and is becoming increasingly prevalent in communities across Canada. Hippocrates – the founder of western medicine – first formulated the idea of “the healing power of nature” and this is still at the core of naturopathic medicine today. Modern naturopathic medicine blends the wisdom of traditional therapies in the eastern and western worlds with the latest scientific research to bring Canadians safe and effective medicine.

Naturopathic doctors address your individual health needs using natural therapies that include herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, physical medicine, and prevention and lifestyle counselling to treat the root causes of illness and help you to achieve optimal health.

In Canada, naturopathic doctors complete rigorous medical training at accredited educational institutions, obtain professional licensing and are held to national standards of practice. To learn more about naturopathic medicine, or to find a naturopathic doctor in Canada, please visit one of the following web sites: