Alyssia Simser

Stay-at-home Mompreneur

Location Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Alyssia is a proud military spouse and mom of two. Along with her husband Pat, who is a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, and their two beautiful children, Mia and Everett, the Simser family strongly believes in a healthy active lifestyle. They enjoy going out for walks and bike rides, occasionally hitting the beach, simple play dates at the park, and so much more.


In her household, natural remedies are what Alyssia reaches for first. Rather than turning to pharmaceuticals right away, it’s important to Alyssia that she tries healing naturally through homeopathics and herbal formulas. To learn more about Alyssia and her wellness journey, following along on her Instagram!

My Favourites

A few of my favourite products from Orange Naturals include the D3 Drops for Adults, D3 Drops for Kids, Probiotics for Adults, and the Cough + Cold for Kids. The great thing about the children’s products is the glycerin base, which my daughter (generally a picky eater) did not have issues with. I’ve had great results with the Cough + Cold for Kids as it helped to suppress her cough and cold symptoms, which sped up her recovery from a cold.

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