Cassandra Stupak

Health Enthusiast

Location Toronto, Ontario

A self-proclaimed “self-development nerd”, Cassandra is extremely passionate about her physical & mental growth and development. Ever since her first trip to a nutritionist about 3 years ago, she has dove right into all things natural health & wellness. The topics that interest her the most include chatting about the value of daily and cleansing supplements, herbal medicine, and the power of food.


On her spare time, you’ll find her fully indulging in her love for books!

My Favourites

Collagen Skin Revive Powder: This is my daily supplement. When I take it, I feel like my life is in order! I work out a lot, so the quality of my joints is very important to me. I always need my joints to be in great condition and ready for physical activity. Along with benefits to my hair, skin and nails, it’s a daily game changer.


Peace of Mind & Ashwagandha tincture: I use this combination of supplements as part of my evening routine to help me wind down. They instantly bring a feeling of peacefulness, lowers any anxious feelings and sometimes, I truly feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. While I only take Peace of Mind in the evenings, I will occasionally mix the Ashwagandha tincture into my daytime coffee or tea to help me feel calm, but not sleepy.

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