Julie Nowell

Content Creator & Mompreneur

Location Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
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In 2012, Julie and her family tossed away their city life and moved to a small gulf island, where they raise a flock of chickens and grow some of the hottest peppers they have ever tasted. In their life, they have realized that teaching their kids the responsibility of farming has given them a stronger connection to where their food comes from, and how that affects their health and wellbeing.

My Favourites

One of my daily routines is running and working out at the gym. I make sure to bring lots of water, as well as my magnesium to help with any cramps that I may experience. Recently, I started using Orange Naturals’ Mag Sleep, which has a magnesium glycinate base and natural sleep inducing ingredients to give my body the best chance for a good night’s rest. The magnesium glycinate has really helped my foot pain disappear, so I feel ready to tackle the day.

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