Kassi Meslo

Jewellery Model

Location Kitchener, Ontario

“You are what you put into your body”


Growing up, Kassi and her family maintained their good health through holistic natural health, such as homeopathics and natural supplements. Now that she has become a mom, she is honoured to pass down all of her knowledge and healthy practices to her little one. Kassi truly believes that keeping our mind and body at peak performance is priceless.


My Favourites

I love the Orange Naturals’ Collagen Skin Revive Powder! My skin is soft and glowing, and all it takes is one scoop in my smoothie every morning! Since using it, I’ve noticed my hair growing longer, stronger, and shinier. My nails have also been getting stronger and longer too! It’s a great simple addition to a smoothie, oatmeal, or juice everyday.

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