Kiah Cortez

Prenatal Nutritionist

Location Kitchener, Ontario

Kiah is a prenatal nutritionist, living in Ontario with her husband and son, and their dog. Her journey into motherhood began years ago when she started to focus on preparing her body for a healthy pregnancy. This personal journey sparked her passion around the topics of fertility, pregnancy and postpartum, which drove her into pursuing a career in the field of natural health. 


Today, she works with women who are trying to conceive, navigating pregnancy, or going through postpartum. Kiah’s goal is to support women in gaining confidence in their choices for the health of themselves and their baby. She has a gentle, non-judgmental approach with her clients, building a relationship in which they are trusted friends more than anything.

My Favourites

Magnesium Glycinate Powder 400: This is one of my favourite products of all times. I am a huge fan of magnesium and it’s something I’ve had in my daily supplements routine for a long time. I always took capsules and never really found a powder that I liked the taste of. But when I discovered this magnesium powder, I was instantly obsessed. It is practically tasteless, which makes it ideal for me to pop it into a smoothie to help reduce the amount of capsules I take daily. I love that you can choose how much magnesium you are taking since it’s in powder form, too. This is a staple in my daily morning smoothie, and occasionally in a juice at night to help with restless legs.


Zinc + Vitamin C: This is a go-to in my house for an immunity boost! My husband also took this often while we were trying to conceive since zinc has fertility benefits for men. We always have a bottle of this in our cabinet and take it all winter long.


Colic Drops for Kids: I am a huge fan of homeopathics, especially for children since they are so gentle. I tried these out with my newborn son and he LOVES them! They are sweet to taste so he has no problem taking it under the tongue. We usually use them after he has a larger feeding to help with any fussiness or gas he may have, and so far, not many issues with colic has come up. I can’t wait to try the other products in the children’s homeopathic line!

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