Melissa Boulos

Nutritional Clinical Practitioner

Location Windsor, Ontario

“My journey in natural medicine is a lifestyle.”


Melissa’s interest in natural medicine stemmed from her passion to find the root causes to health abnormalities and extended to discovering the wide variety of uses and multi-faceted benefits that it has to offer. Her personal journey through health has been eye-opening in that she has discovered many different new aspects to healthy living and wellness.


As various learning opportunities arise, Melissa continues to study different areas of naturopathy, homeopathy and more. She truly believes that the path of natural medicine has made a positive impact on her health, as well as her loved ones.

My Favourites

Magnesium Glycinate is my favourite product from Orange Naturals. This mineral is used by the body in so many different ways and works to address more than one health concern simultaneously. As this form of magnesium is available in different forms such as powder, liquid and capsule, supplementation becomes more convenient and accessible. After using Magnesium Glycinate, I noticed that my digestion and sleep have improved and my body genuinely feels more relaxed.

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