Meri Temudo

Freelance Writer & stay-at-home mom

ON Ambassador - Meri Temudo
Location Tottenham, Ontario

Meri is a proud wife and mommy to two growing boys. She is an advocate of healthy alternatives to modern medicine, whenever possible. Her family is a reflection of that, and tries their best to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. As a stay-at-home mom, it’s important for Meri to keep her family healthy by all means necessary. Avid travellers and outdoor explorers make this family depend on strong immunity and wellbeing.


If you take a peek into the cupboards of Meri’s medicine cabinets, you’d be sure to see natural home remedies. To learn more about Meri and her family, follow along on her Instagram!

My Favourites

In my household, Orange Naturals’ D3 Drops for Kids as well as the D3 Drops for Adults are a must! Truly a sunshine in a bottle – especially to help combat those winter blues, vitamin D also helps to increase bone strength and maintain healthy teeth.


Another favourite of ours is ND Shake for Kids! It’s often featured on my Instagram stories as a home staple. My kids love the vanilla taste in a shake, combined with juice or when we feel creative, ND Shake pancakes too! As a mom, I know that getting greens into children’s diet isn’t always easy, so this product gives me peace of mind that my kids’ health needs are met.

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