Nicole King

Certified Personal Trainer

Location Clarington, Ontario
Website Instagram

A mom of 4 beautiful children, Nicole is also a certified personal trainer, prenatal & postnatal fitness specialist, licensed POUND fitness instructor, and soon-to-be a certified holistic nutrition coach. She recognizes the importance of a healthy active lifestyle, and thirsts to share her love for fitness and natural health with everyone she encounters. As one of the very first Orange Naturals Ambassadors, Nicole came to fall in love with Orange Naturals in 2013, and have incorporated the tinctures and supplements into her family’s daily life since.


When she’s not fulfilling her love affair with fitness, Nicole can be found spending time with her family and friends, cruising around in her car and listening to music, or dancing around the kitchen while creating new dishes to tantalize her family’s tastebuds.


My Favourites

To compliment my busy lifestyle, two of my favourite products include the Chaste Tree tincture for hormone balancing (hello regular cycles!) and the Ashwagandha tincture to help with diminishing anxiety.

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