Sara & Brent Maclsaac

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Location Truro, Nova Scotia
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“Live life to the fullest everyday, and inspire others to do the same.”


Sara and Brent were both bitten by the travel bug early in life, so it comes as no surprise that since their first trip as a couple to Greece in 2014, they’ve been dreaming of a life of travelling together. With their busy travel schedule, often visiting destinations around Canada and across the world, as well as their active habits with daily workouts and hiking expeditions, health is very important to Sara & Brent.


To help address some of their health issues, such as joint pain and skin concerns, Sara and Brent turn to Orange Naturals for natural remedies, such as Probiotics for Adults, Collagen Skin Revive Powder, Joint Relief capsules and more. Discover all of the wondrous places around the world with Sara & Brent, and how natural health fits into their dream life.

My Favourites

My skin was my primary concern (dull, dry, etc), but ever since taking the Collagen Skin Revive Powder, my skin has completely transformed and people are noticing! It’s much brighter and looks “fresher”. I’m wearing WAY less make-up and loving that I can walk out of the house with just some mascara and feel great about my skin. – Sara


Alongside the Omega-3s, the Joint Relief with Curcumin has made a huge difference in relieving inflammation and pain in the joints. I love this natural alternative that I can use to support our joints as it works great with my fitness program. – Brent

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