Sindy Ng

Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Location Markham, Ontario
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Sindy is a holistic nutritionist specializing in fitness nutrition and sustainable fat loss. Her passion is to help women feel strong and vibrant through food, fitness, and self-love, without dieting or restricting their favourite foods.


After battling an eating disorder for 8 years, Sindy knows first-hand the impact that mental health plays on our overall health. It also effects us profoundly on a physical level. After recovering, she was left with digestive and skin issues. That’s why Sindy is so passionate about holistic health and using natural products.


Sindy has a degree from Ryerson University, Toronto, in Nutrition and Food, with a minor in Psychology, as well is a graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. She works with women combining her two biggest passions – fitness and nutrition!

My Favourites

My favourite Orange Naturals product is the Digestion tincture! It combines my favourite herbs to support digestion, increase bile flow, and relieve gas and bloating – all things that I’ve struggled with. Herbs are so powerful and I love incorporating them in my healthy lifestyle. Optimizing digestion is a focus of mine because it’s the foundation for good health. It’s important to not only nourish yourself with good food, but ensure your body can easily absorb and utilize those nutrients.

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