Tammy Mitchell

Mompreneur & Blogger

Location Lindsay, Ontario
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Supermom to four kids, married to her Prince Charming.


When Tammy and her family aren’t dividing between hockey events, renovating their country dream home, or building their family business, you’ll find them carving out mindful moments as a family. Chasing their next outdoor adventure and planning their next vacation in nature, Tammy and her family make the best of today to better themselves tomorrow. She wears kindness and positive thinking on her shoulders with an entrepreneur’s mind and strives to reach for the stars. Health, fitness, nature, family and lots of snuggles are the important start of every day.

My Favourites

Our family uses a lot of Orange Naturals’ products, but the one that I cannot live without, especially during cold & flu season is the Immune Health tincture. A quick drop or two under your tongue daily, or at the first sign of a tingle helps to build up your immune system. It’s not the most delicious taste, so I suggest chaser with OJ. Immune Health is full of goodness and a Chinese Medicine combo dating back to the ancient times. Honestly, this stuff is like gold in our house – Immune Health works, and needs to be in your cupboard too!

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