Taryn Alexander

Fitness Instructor

Taryn Alexander
Location Milton, Ontario

If you blink, you’ll miss Taryn! She has over 20 years of experiencing in the fitness industry, teaching group fitness classes, instructing yoga, as well as mentoring and managing other fitness professionals. She’s also a Master Trainer with TRX and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 2016.


This busy bee is happily married with her two children and their pet cat. In the winter, you’ll find them snowboarding at Blue Mountain, whereas from the very first sign of summer, her family will be at their trailer in Fergus, Ontario. Alongside their active lifestyle, Taryn makes sure her family is also practicing healthy habits.


Natural medicine fits in perfectly with Taryn’s family. She’s always reaching for natural remedies before turning to prescriptions, and hopes that others will do the same.

My Favourites

Orange Naturals products have truly limited our trips to the Doctor’s office. My biggest draw is the full line of children’s products, including the Cough + Cold for Kids, Earaches for Kids, and Bites + Stings Homeopathic Cream, which have all worked great for my children! Another favourite of mine is the Probiotics for Adults as that has hugely contributed to my gut health.

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