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5 Reasons To Burn Calories Outside This Summer!

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5 Reasons To Burn Calories Outside This Summer!

With the glorious weather we have been experiencing, you may find yourself naturally more active and drawn to outdoor activities from slow walks in nature to more intense adrenaline filled adventures.

Why reserve your summer activities for the weekend and spend your work week training indoors at the gym when you can reap even more benefits by taking your workout outdoors?

After a long day of work, when you may be spending all day indoors, your body will crave some fresh air and sunshine (yay to these long summer days!)

If you need a little motivation then keep on reading…

It will boost your mood

Just being outdoors in nature, strolling along a scenic path or simply sitting in blissful silence, has a heap of health and wellbeing benefits from boosting your mood and alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression, to improving self esteem and boosting mental power.

Now add in some cardio and these benefits are taken to a whole nother level! Instead of hitting the treadmill when it’s gorgeous out, try taking your walk or run outdoors where you can reap the health benefits of a cardio workout along with the fantastic mental benefits of just being outside!

You’ll get some much needed Vitamin D

When the sun is shining, it’s almost a crime not to soak up the rays for even just a few minutes. Of course we recommend always wearing a quality, mineral SPF, but just a few minutes of sunshine can help to increase your Vitamin D supply. Vitamin D helps to prevent depression and insomnia, as well as protect against heart disease and cancer. Who knew sunshine could do all that!

You’ll meet people

If you’re looking to increase your social circle then taking your workout outdoors is a great way to do it!

Try joining a fun group like a running group, yoga class or soccer class, whatever takes your fancy! Or grab a friend and get them to join you in your workout, because working out with someone is sometimes all the motivation you need. Oh, and that delicious smoothie waiting for you at the end doesn’t hurt either!

You’ll save money

If you’re looking for a great way to save some extra cash, then ditch the pricey gym membership for the summer and workout outdoors, where it doesn’t cost a dime!

Take the money you would have spent on your gym membership and rather invest it in healthy gear that will keep you on track such as some weights, jump ropes, water bottles and fitness trackers.

You’ll enjoy a change of scenery and time in nature

Last, but not least, by spending time outdoors you can reap the benefits of nature and enjoy some change of scenery, which is never a bad thing.

As humans, we can sometimes get stuck in a routine, or more like a rut, where we see and do the same things day after day, so why not switch it up and enjoy a change of scene? You can even get the kids involved with these fun woodland games! We guarantee it will help to lift everyone’s spirits.

We hope these reasons are all the motivation you need to hit the trails this summer!


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