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Keep those weight-loss goals going!

by Adriana Restagno on in General, Health Issues, and Nutrition

Keep those weight-loss goals going!

A new year, a new you!  

Now that we are well into the start of a new year, resolutions may seem like something of the past (and it’s only February…). Well, we’re going to help you turn that around this year, and get you right back on track. If weight management is on your radar, we have some great tips and tricks to keep those resolutions on track all year along. 

We all know the standard prescription for weight loss: diet and exercise. Often easier said than done, read on to learn five ways to implement long-lasting changes in your weight-management goals. 

Know Your Measurements

Taking baseline circumference measurements of your waist, hips, arms and legs, prior to initiating a weight loss protocol, and then measuring on a weekly basis, can keep you on track and motivated as you quantify your success. Enlist help from your workout buddy, partner or BFF for better accuracy.

Have Specific Exercise Goals

2.5 hours of aerobic exercise (walking, swimming etc.) each week is the recommended minimum to initiate significant calorie burning. Find a walking or swimming buddy and off you go. Aim to raise your pulse to 50% of your maximum heart rate (MHR). Your MHR can be calculated by by subtracting your age from 226 for women and 220 for men.  Incorporate strength training for improved muscle tone, bone health and protection against heart disease!

Watch Those Macronutrients

A balanced intake of protein, carbohydrates and fats is critical for good health and weight management. Protein is especially important for muscle maintenance and immune system health. Aim for 0.8g/kg of body weight of protein daily for muscle mass growth.  For example, a 140 pound person should consume about 50 g of protein daily. That’s the equivalent of about 2.5 chicken breasts (100g) per day.  

Say Hello to H2O

Start your day with one full 250 ml glass of water and aim for at least 5-6 more throughout the day. A recent study showed that drinking 2 glasses of water before each meal daily, helped obese dieters lose more weight and keep it off longer. Naturopaths don’t typically recommend a large amount of water before meals as it tends to dilute digestive juices and hamper digestion. However, drinking plenty of water throughout the day will ensure that your body is well-hydrated and may help with satiety too.

Keep Those Vitamins and Minerals Topped Up

Micronutrients like B vitamins and chromium play an important role in metabolism and blood sugar balancing. Plants can help too. Botanicals like ashwagandha and garcinia combogia can help provide that extra support needed to keep stress at bay, burn fat and accelerate weight loss. Talk to your doctor prior to beginning any weight-loss type supplements to make sure they are safe and right for you! 

We hope these five tips help you stay motivated and keep your weight-loss goals rolling well into 2015! 


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  • Christine

    Thanks so much for all the great tips Adriana!!! I’ve been drinking more water and I feel better already!