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How To Avoid Stress During The Holiday Season

by Orange Naturals Team on in General

How To Avoid Stress During The Holiday Season

We don’t mean to stress you out, but Christmas is almost a month away! That means the holiday season is almost in full swing and while this is definitely an exciting time of year, it can be quite a stressful one too.

Not only are you still trying to juggle work and any other family commitments you may have, the holiday season means there are going to be more social events on your calendar, from the annual office holiday party to your child’s (or perhaps your niece or nephew’s) festive play. The point is that even though you may feel more sluggish from a hectic year and a change in season, you are going to need extra energy to keep up with all your events.

This may seem impossible, but we are here to spread some good cheer! We have put together a few of our top tips to help you stay motivated and energetic, yet calm and grounded too so you can tackle anything that comes your way. All you have to do is take our good advice!

Start Your Day Right

How many times have you jumped right out of bed and into your day without taking at least a few minutes for yourself? By starting your day the right way you help to set the tone for the whole day ahead so be sure to get it right!

These ten morning habits, including meditation and practicing gratitude, will help you to have your best day, everyday.

Don’t Forget Your Vitamins

While it’s definitely recommended that you take a good multivitamin every morning, there’s some vitamins many of us need more of, especially in times of stress. B vitamins are essential for helping the body better cope with stress and they really help to amp up your energy levels too, perfect for this time of year. Try our B Complex and feel the difference!

If you tend to suffer from anxiety and need something to help relax you and get you back to feeling like yourself then we highly recommend our Stress and Calm Tincture which includes chamomile and passionflower to soothe frazzled nerves and ease irritability.

Allow Essential Oils To Work Their Magic

Essential oils are absolutely wonderful for overall well-being and can really make all the difference in stressful times. Set up a diffuser in your work space and in your home and experiment with a variety of oils depending on your mood. Peppermint is great for energizing the mind and helping you stay alert when you’re feeling a little fatigued and lavender will melt your troubles away! Here’s some of our favourite soothing blends.

These simple tips will help you start the holiday season on the right foot and everyone will ask you what your secret is!

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