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Cleaning Your Home #ONatural

by Orange Naturals Team on in Health Issues, and Recipes

Cleaning Your Home #ONatural

There is something about coming out of winter that makes me want to declutter and clean.  I get a bug for it!  And I go through a lot of natural cleaners in the process. I didn’t always clean this way, but due to some health issues, I slowly started the switch. And that’s how I’d suggest you dive in too!  You don’t have to change everything all at once, just switch out one thing at a time.  You’ll be surprised at how easy cleaning #ONatural really is!

Here is a few natural cleaning recipes to get you started.  You really can clean your house just as well with natural cleaners! 

All Purpose Spray Cleaner

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water together in a spray bottle.  Add 15 drops of your favourite essential oil (I particularly like mint- it gives a bit of a lift to the whole process of cleaning!).  Use on any surface to clean and help disinfect.  I use this to dust my wood, clean my mirrors, and even in my refillable spray mop.  I haven’t found anything yet that I haven’t cleaned with it!  I even pour this over paper towels and store in a zip-top bag to keep cleaning wipes on hand for quick wipe-ups.

All Purpose Cleaning Paste

Fill a small container half full with baking soda.  Add enough water to form a thick paste.  If desired, add up to 5 drops of your favourite essential oil.  Scoop out and use with a soft cloth or paper towel for tough stains, bathtubs or sinks.  

Room Freshener

Fill a small spray bottle with water and add 40-60 drops of your favourite essential oils.  I particularly like lavender for the bedroom to induce sweet slumber, or orange, grapefruit and mint for the rest of the house.  It’s amazing how our moods are affected by smells.  Drawn to bakeries? Try vanilla essential oil!  The possibilities are endless!

Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

No Natural Recipe roundup would be complete without a solution for the toilet bowl.  No one enjoys this job, but it doesn’t have to be made worse with strong chemicals! Place 1/4 cup of baking soda into the bowl.  Add 1/4 cup of white vinegar.  Allow to fizz and scrub as usual with brush.  No mess, No fuss!

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