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Fulfilling Dreams: Part 2 – The Move

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Fulfilling Dreams: Part 2 – The Move

Family travel writer Yashy and her husband Chris continue to maintain their pre-baby lifestyle with two kids under the age of 6. With a passion for travelling the world as well as exploring all that downtown Toronto has to offer, they focus on food, fun, and culture. You’ll find some hilarious parenting stories along with inspiration and tips for your next family adventure on their family blog, Baby & Life. The family is about to spend the next few months travelling abroad, and we at Orange Naturals will be following their journey as they embark on this brave, new adventure. Click here if you missed their first post about making the decision to go travelling for five months.

Author : Yashy Murphy


After spending two months searching for the perfect renter for our downtown Toronto condo, we finally found a tenant! Doing so wasn’t easy but as soon as we had a signed lease in hand, we jumped online and scoped out the cheapest flights to Europe. We found numerous routes on Skyscanner and discovered that the most economical option for our family was an Air Transat flight via Montreal to Malaga, Spain. Yes!! We’re kicking-off our five-month adventure in the South of Spain and we’re giddy with excitement!

Do we speak Spanish? No we don’t! However, we’re eager to learn the basics and we plan to travel slowly for the first month. We anticipate a couple language and cultural barriers but are confident that we can adjust and find our way around. We also want to ensure that the kids are able to have some resemblance of a routine while we are away. Right now, this trip feels like just another holiday to them, but I’m sure their excitement will subside after the first week, especially when we insist that they do homework in the morning and head to bed on time at night! 

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.34.29 AM

We don’t know where our adventures will take us but at least we have a starting point and while it’s exciting, it’s also very daunting. The moment we booked our flight, our friends bombarded us with questions that had me running towards the Orange Naturals Calm + Sleep. I needed to calm my nerves because we had less than two weeks before we boarded our plane and my mind started racing all night, every night.

Dealing with the mundane preparatory tasks were boring. We had to decide what to do with our mail, our monthly bills (which still need to be paid!), our cell phone plans, and our credit cards (we plan to travel with quite a few in case we’re victims of credit fraud!). We also had to find the right trip and medical insurance and of course, decide on the amount of clothes to take!

Packing was probably the most intimidating task. Our first instinct was to pack three large suitcases (much less than the one suitcase per person we had originally planned for). However, the longer we sat and stared at the three bags, two backpacks and double stroller, the more we realized how difficult it would be for us to be mobile with that much gear (not to mention the additional expense of having to upgrade our rental cars from standard to full size or more). We spent our last night in Toronto cutting back on our apparel. We will opt to stay at GuestToGuest homes that have laundry facilities, so while we may not have a lot of clothes, at least we’ll have clean ones. When we were ready to leave for the airport, we were down to two suitcases and a backpack each, plus our double stroller. Here’s a video of us packing our bags!

Each kid was allowed a backpack full of toys and a few books along with a tablet. Chris and I have our gear so we can continue to work on the road, writing about our travels and filming our adventures and mishaps. Chris also travelled with his portable coffee machine, since we know he won’t be at his best if we stumble into a town that has bad coffee! Beyond that, the main item we brought with us was our trustworthy medicine pack. We’ve all been properly immunized for our trip but our travels have taught us that there’s a few brands that can’t be found all over the world and for that reason, we built our own medicine pack. It contains basic supplies like ibuprofen and analgesics, but more importantly, it’s packed with Orange Natural products that I have come to love and rely on to keep my family protected.

I discovered the all natural homeopathic Orange Naturals when I visited my friend Everything Mom and Baby’s home a year and a half ago. She gave me something to help our three-year-old deal with growing pains and my curiosity got the better of me as I researched their entire range of products. I’ve come to rely on a few items that join us on every adventure and this trip is definitely no exception.

Here’s the list of Orange Natural products we brought with us:


Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.47.33 AM

Most of these travel well. We packed several bottles into our suitcase, with the exception of the Earache for Kids, which is always in my hand luggage during plane rides. Lately, Baby Boy has been having tummy issues so the Digestion for Kids was also in my backpack this time around. These bottles are 100 ml, making it easy to avoid any unnecessary conversations with customs officers (though medication is always allowed even if it’s more than the 100 ml allocation). Many of the kids’ bottles need to be refrigerated once open so I always travel with new bottles and once we’re at the destination we keep them in the fridge once opened or on ice packs/coolers bags when we’re on the move.

Cutting our luggage down to two suitcases not only enables us to travel a bit more freely and economically, but it will also teach all four us the value of living with the basics. We’ve been very fortunate and spoiled with our bounty of possessions and it may even be freeing to realize that we do not need much to be happy and satisfied. One of our main fears is being robbed, as we’ve heard horror stories of petty theft happening in Spain and having fewer items not only limits the chance of things getting lost but also means we can be more diligent. Two pairs of eyes on two suitcases are way better than on three, surely?

We’ve now landed and our flight was relatively stress free, but our 5 year old complained of earaches.  Sure enough, we had to use Earache for Kids twice during our 12 hours of travel. We’ve arrived into Malaga and are taking it slow this first week. We’re now researching what we’ll get up to during this first month and how we can convince the grandparents to come visit soon! Feel free to join us behind the scenes on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook channels, where we’ll be sharing live updates. We’ll be back next month to tell you all about what we’ve learned during our first month of travelling with kids in Spain. 


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