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Fulfilling Dreams: Part 4 – The Journey

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Fulfilling Dreams: Part 4 – The Journey

Family travel writer Yashy and her husband Chris continue to maintain their pre-baby lifestyle with two kids under the age of 6. With a passion for travelling the world as well as exploring all that downtown Toronto has to offer, they focus on food, fun, and culture. You’ll find some hilarious parenting stories along with inspiration and tips for your next family adventure on their family blog, Baby & Life. The family is spending five months travelling abroad, and we at Orange Naturals are following their journey as they embark on this brave, new adventure. Click here if you missed their first post about making the decision to go travelling for five months. In part two, Yashy discusses what they decided to bring with them in just two suitcases, and in part three, they shared their Southern Spain adventures and about being bitten in Morocco.

Author : Yashy Murphy


Reality is settling in as we pass the half way mark of our 148 day adventure. We’re now in France and have the rest of the summer to explore Germany, Luxembourg, Scotland and wherever else we fancy in between. Thoughts of life at home and getting the kids ready for a new school year are creeping in but we’re doing our best to live in the moment. Since our last update we have explored the North of Spain and trekked into the Sahara Desert.

Watching our 5-year-old gain the confidence to take an hour-long camel ride by herself as we trekked out of the Sahara Desert is something we’ll remember for a long time. Moroccan culture welcomes kids with great big smiles and while there may be a language barrier, travelling with kids can help bridge many obstacles. Many locals we meet often go out of their way to make the little ones comfortable.

We were enamored with the medina of Fes and our overnight stay in a luxury tent was a unique adventure, but I have a feeling that all that the kids will remember about Morocco is the camel ride over sandy dunes. We each took one backpack into the desert and truth be told, the camels carried it all, so there was no strain on our backs. In addition to a pair of clothes, I also had our emergency medical kit, which included Orange Naturals Bites & Stings and Digestion for Kids. I’m always prepared and didn’t know what sort of insects might greet us at our camp. Luckily for us, our luxury tent not only had running water for a shower, but it was also bug free.

I am glad we didn’t need to use any medicines in the desert, but we did need them during the journey. Both the hubs and I needed the Bites & Stings in Ouarzazette, where I accidentally sat on a bee by the poolside (it’s true!) and the hubs received a wasp sting as he was loading the car one morning. The buggers got us at the oddest times! Little Monkey’s car sickness was really bad during our drive to Chefchaouan and over the course of the two hour drive she puked over a litre of liquid! We learned that giving the little ones Digestion for Kids before road trips, along with having her sniff a lime or rubbing some peppermint oil on her belly, helps reduce her car sickness. 


After a three-week stint in Morocco, we flew to Barcelona, where a week wasn’t nearly enough time to explore its many attractions and parks. The city is filled with playgrounds at every corner and the kids loved roaming around spots like Parc Guell. After frantically exploring as much as we could in Barcelona, we needed a break and decided to visit Zaragoza, a gem of a city that’s a midway point between Barcelona and Madrid. The slow life was appealing but scorching Madrid with its plazas and giant gardens beckoned, as did wine country in La Rioja. We ended our final few days in Spain exploring San Sebastian’s culinary scene but I think Logrono, in La Rioja, was our favourite spot to nosh on tapas and pinxtos as a family. 

IMG_20170617_202858The reason we embarked on this journey was to explore and experience new cultures and we’re definitely doing that. As parents we’re impressed by how much the kids are learning – from geography to science. They’re seeing things in person and that’s fueling their curiosity, leaving the hubs and I with many questions to answer on an hourly basis. Don’t worry, we also have to deal with mega tantrums, fights over iPads and bedtime routines! Some things never change. 

ZaragozaLR-3430 (Large)

Thank you for following our journey. We hope to continue meeting kind hearted people and discover new cuisines and cultures that widen our horizons and teach our kids that there’s so much to explore in this world of ours. We’ll be back in September to tell you about our final adventures and how we’ve adjusted to life back home in Toronto! 

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