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Help for Outdoor Allergies in Kids

by Orange Naturals Team on in Homeopathics, and Kid's Health

Help for Outdoor Allergies in Kids

If your family is like ours, you can see when it’s started.  The itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, congestion…..the list could go on and on. Allergies have reared their ugly head and your kid is miserable.  What can you do to help?  Is there anything you can do at home to help relieve symptoms and get them back on the go?

Stay Indoors

We keep an eye on the local pollen counts.  When they are moderate to high we simply plan indoor activities.  If a child is suffering with outdoor allergies, the last thing they want to do is go out into the wild. Try keeping windows closed and using the air conditioner to filter indoor air.

Raw Honey

Raw honey obtained from a local source can help your child’s body become used to the local pollens and other allergens.  Pasteurized honey does not have the same effect, and if the honey is obtained from a source not local, it will likely not contain the specific outdoor allergens they are reacting too. 

Try a Netti Pot

If your child is old enough, buy them their own netti pot and solution packets.  Flushing the allergens out at the source can provide some temporary relief for stuffed up sinuses. Stinging-Nettle-herb-top


Stinging Nettle tincture made from the tops of the plant acts as an antihistamine.  Taken as a daily preventative, or even for acute cases of an allergy attack, stinging nettle can really help.  Supplementing with probiotics and vitamin C can be a real aid as well.Seasonal-Allergies-for-kids-H

Try a Homeopathic

If your child is too young for herbs, try an allergy homeopathic instead.  And if they are able to take the herb, feel free to also add a homeopathic to the regime as well.  

Follow these tips to help your children be back up and outdoors in no time! 

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