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Holiday Wellness Tips: Curbing Cravings & Snacking the Healthy Way!

by Orange Naturals Team on in Eating clean, Food, General, Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Stress Management

Holiday Wellness Tips: Curbing Cravings & Snacking the Healthy Way!

We’ve all headed to the fridge for a midnight snack only to met with disappointment when we realize we haven’t stocked up on anything good. After playing the fridge closed, fridge open, fridge closed game a few times, perhaps you give yourself a pat on the back? After all, by not buying sugary snacks you did avoid bingeing.

This is the time of year when the days are shorter, our appetites are larger and we’re constantly met with food temptation at all the holiday parties we’re invited to. It may seem impossible to avoid all the naughty treats, but here’s a few tips and some healthy snack alternatives so you can treat yourself without feeling unhealthy, bloated or sluggish!

Snack on Nuts Before your Party

Snacking on nuts before your holiday party is a great way to fill you up just enough so that you aren’t tempted to overindulge once you get there.

Nuts are rich in fiber, protein and omega 3 fats to help stabilize your blood sugar and hydrate your skin cells from the inside out for skin that glows bright no matter how gloomy the weather may get!

Make it fun by roasting your nuts with your favourite holiday flavours.

Enjoy a Superfood Smoothie that Tastes like a Milkshake

holiday wellness tipsWhen you’re in the mood for a creamy, tasty milkshake, you want something you can really indulge in, not something you need to hold your nose in order to get down. Not to mention, these days many more people are ditching dairy and opting to go dairy free instead to benefit not only their body but also their skin.

So how do you enjoy a flavourful smoothie that actually tastes just like your favourite milkshake?

Our nutrient-dense ND Shakes are the perfect dairy-free, soy free, vegan, gluten-free, and nut free alternative for every member of the family. They’ll not only fill your belly in a delicious way, they also help you meet your daily nutritional requirements.

Add More Magnesium into your Diet

Despite our better judgment, when cravings strike, we reach for the nearest naughty chocolate bar or bag of potato chips from the vending machine. What’s mind-boggling about this is that too often these cravings come soon after you have what you think is a filling meal, right?

What you may not know is that certain vitamin, mineral, and micronutrient deficiencies can cause you to down a donut or poutine.

One of the most common mineral deficiencies is magnesium which is a big trigger for both sugary and salty cravings.

Not sure how to hit your magnesium quota?

Start by eating more broccoli, nuts, and seeds on a daily basis. Or, enjoy a MagPop! fizzy drink from Orange Naturals, which comes jam-packed with a dose of magnesium glycinate, vitamin C and electrolytes!

In the battle against sugar and salt this holiday season, get into healthy holiday habits by following these three tips before giving into cravings. You can keep it healthy this season while getting the kids involved with these tasty treats.

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