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How Sweet are You?

by Orange Naturals Team on in Nutrition

How Sweet are You?

What side of the sugar debate do you fall on? The Globe and Mail recently reported that the World Health Organization’s draft guidelines recommend reducing global sugar consumption to only 5% of total daily calories to improve health. That means a bowl of cereal, a sweetened yogurt and a granola bar would put you over the daily limit. 

What do you think, moms? Excessive or excellent? 

Check out the full report on the Globe and Mail!

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  • Anj

    This wouldn’t seem SO unrealistic if we could get food manufacturers on board. All three of the things in the example above could be made with a lot less sugar and still taste good, yet 90% of “reduced sugar” options out there use sugar substitutes like aspartame, instead of just removing some sugar.

    • OrangeNaturals

      That surely would make it easier! It’ll take lots of baby steps!