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Parenting Alert: Your Access to Homeopathic Medicine

by Orange Naturals Team on in General, Health Issues, Homeopathics, and Kid's Health

Parenting Alert: Your Access to Homeopathic Medicine

Caring for your children’s colds and flus with safe and gentle natural medicines is about to disappear

On July 31st 2016 your access to safe and effective homeopathic medicines for your children’s coughs, colds and flus will be severely restricted. New Health Canada labelling laws will require that homeopathic cough, cold or flu medicines will no longer be made available for children under age 13.

Health Canada has stated that it wants to ensure that parents have “informed choice” in selecting medicines when their children are ill and do not delay seeking medical care for their children. Health Canada is concerned that consumers do not understand how natural medicines work.

While we certainly wish for all Canadians to receive correct medical care in a prompt manner, we believe that restricting the choices of Canadians is not the way to do it, especially for therapies shown to be safe and gentle.

Natural medicine is predicated on the ability for patients and Canadians to have choices when it comes to treating their health concerns. These labelling changes contradict the widespread endorsement of these products by Canadian families and health care practitioners who have complete confidence in their quality and safety.

What does this mean for you?

This will leave you, parents and caregivers, with little to offer your children when they are beset with colds and flus. Especially when there are few conventional alternatives.

More importantly, this rationale for removing a safe natural product may set a precedent for stricter regulations and further restrictions on all natural medicines.

Since this announcement, your healthcare practitioners – herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths, and MDs – have written to the Ministry of Health to express their concerns. All are very worried that the standards upon which all Natural Health Products have received their NPNs (natural product numbers) will ultimately be called into question.

If this government action regarding your rights as a parent to use natural medicines raises serious concerns for you, please stay calm and read on.

What can I do?

Voicing your concern at this time will help! We have had many productive dialogues with Health Canada in the past, and we trust that this issue can be resolved in a timely and fair manner for everyone.

Visit the Canadian Consumers Centre for Homeopathy website. This site has developed a really great guide for the action steps you can take – www.homeocentre.ca


Pass this notice to your friends, families and other concerned parents. We encourage all of us to work together to stress the importance of natural medicine and consumer rights to the Canadian government.

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  • Lindey

    Good old fashioned Honey will help! I put in tea for my kid, and on a spoon for her runny nose and sore throat. Just buy the Homepathic stuff and don’t tell the store how old the kid is! It not all the governments business what we decide to give to them!