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Week 3 of The 35 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformational Challenge

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Week 3 of The 35 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformational Challenge

(Above, some members of the first ever 35 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformational Challenge. A picture taken right after a 90 minute weekend bonus walk/run/hike)

Growing Awareness

By week 3 of The 35 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformational Challenge, all participants collectively agreed, that awareness of our daily habits was growing strong. We were becoming increasingly mindful of every component of our lifestyle.The third week was a special one because by now, all participants had noticed some kind of positive result. A new kind of motivation was vibrating through us all. The hard work and sacrifice was paying off and it was a good feeling. Energy levels were high and our waistlines were shrinking!

One participant ended up shrinking two pant sizes and was feeling more energized than ever before. His son – age 13, who also participated in the challenge, had an improvement in attitude and leadership on his hockey team and at school. He was much more positive, focused and energized, in all aspects of his life.


The daily 20 minute workouts were starting to come easier which allowed us to increase our intensity. We were getting stronger! Those that started off walking, were now jogging and sometimes biking. Those that started off with no body weight training in their movement routines – were now doing pushups!  

With less than 10 days left to go, meals were getting more flavourful and more nutrient dense. By now, we were all comfortable chopping a certain amount of veggies in the kitchen and finding ways to make meal preparation easier on ourselves. 

It was nice having support from fellow participants!  I would recommend creating a group platform where you can connect, share, joke, laugh and maybe even cry together – if deciding to embark on a journey of this nature. We emailed pictures of meals created to each other, which helped keep meals fresh and allowed my gluten free recipe book to grow. We shared workouts with each other, to keep motivated. We joked over emails about cravings, and what that first glass of red wine would taste like when it hit our lips! Staying connected was the parsley garnish on the pesto (I wouldn’t dare say icing on the cake)

No Frills

There was something really inspiring to me, about knowing others were pushing through a workout at the end of a long day – or standing in their kitchens late at night, chopping fresh veggies for themselves and their children. 

One participant’s wife shared her story about her husband getting home late from work one night. Before even heading into the house, he tenaciously grabbed his head strap (headlight attached) and started trucking down the dark road to complete his 20 minutes of movement.

It was the last thing he wanted to do at the end of a long day, the old him might have habitually reached for a sugary snack and headed for the couch. Not now! He wasn’t going to let this day get away from him. It wasn’t a gym and he didn’t have any fancy workout clothes on. It was just his body, his work boots and the dirt road ahead. He walked for over 30 minutes and completed his daily movement – a pivotal moment in the challenge for him. 

Not giving up, uber impressed his wife. She pushed herself to not give up or give in throughout the coming days, they continued to motivate each other, a growing experience for them both!

Every member of the challenge had their own physical, mental and emotional obstacles to overcome. Willpower spread throughout the group like wildflower! A special kind of respect and unity was formed amongst us, over the course of the 35 days. One of the best parts of this challenge was hearing stories about each-others journeys along the way. I watched some of my family members transform and I was as equally inspired as I was proud.

Start Small but Start Now

On the first day of our 35 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformational Challenge, each participant put $100 in the health pot – after 35 Days the winner would take all. Some of those first few days, were extremely difficult! At times, the “the winner takes all” mentality kept most of us going when cravings were high and energy was low. Money was on the line and we weren’t giving in. Fast forward thirty days later, with no wheat, no gluten, no dairy, no sugar, no coffee and no alcohol in our systems – and the money in the pot, was the last thing on our minds. With new energy levels on the rise and growing awareness for our daily habits, no prize given could replace the good feelings that had been earned. 

There will never be a “good” time to commit to a transformational challenge. The bottom line is, if you want to create some change in your life – you have to commit daily to see results! What kind of lifestyle changes have you always wanted to make? 

Find out how you can make those changes and what we ended up doing with all that money, in next weeks blog and final part in this ‘Transformational Challenge’ series! 

Stay tuned for Week 4 of The 35 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformational Challenge: The Final Radish 

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