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Winter Adventures for the Family

by Guest Author on in Adventure, Family, and Lifestyle

Winter Adventures for the Family


So you’ve already gone tobogganing at your neighbourhood park a hundred times, have gone skating at the community centre ice rink a million times, and made a billion snowmen in your backyard. If you’re running out of winter activities to do, or need some encouragement to dig out your winter gear, here are some super fun, interesting adventures to get your family going!



Nothing is quite as magical as stargazing. It’s surely a way to forget your troubles, and have things put into perspective as to just how small you are in this beautiful, infinite universe. Stargazing in the winter is an awesome activity to do on your own or with your nearest and dearest! When the nights get darker earlier, the constellations tend to be more easily visible (given that there’s not much light pollution too).

Tip: Be sure to dress for the cold in loads of layers, bring warm supplies like blankets, and a hot thermos filled with some creamy hot chocolate to warm your bones!


Winter Hiking

Of course winter hiking is a thing! Sure, you wonโ€™t be wearing shorts and a t-shirt this time around; but with some luck and snow, you can enjoy some truly breathtaking scenery and make some special memories with your family. Perhaps you may even consider snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ATV riding!

Here are some of the best winter hikes in Ontario! Arenโ€™t those frozen falls just mesmerizingly beautiful?


Horseback riding

If animals and nature are two of your favourite things, you’ll be happy to hear about this activity that includes both! Pick a day thatโ€™s not rainy or snowy, and enjoy the gorgeous views and fresh crisp air. Oh, and the kids will thank you for all the horse petting that they’ll be allowed to indulge in! 

Check out some spots in beautiful British Columbia for this exciting activity!


Outdoor Treasure Hunt

You could wait till Easter for your annual outdoor Easter hunt with the kids… or you could get in on the fun a little earlier in the year! Why not create a unique outdoor treasure hunt, planting clues along the way for the kids to find, and hide their end surprise in a huge chest! This ultimate adventure that the whole family can enjoy will not only work on your physical stamina, but also stimulate imagination and practice problem solving skills. Why wait – bundle up and set foot into the cold!


Hope these ideas have inspired you to have fun and stay active during this frosty season! Together, let’s embrace what beautiful mother nature has to offer and remember – there’s always hot cocoa (or apple cider) waiting for you at the end!



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