ND Shakes


ND Shakes

It’s not for every body.
Just your body.

This is the first line of nutrient-dense shakes custom-made for each member of your family. How yummy is that? 

Nutritionally complete shakes for the whole family

Our ND Shakes are formulated to meet unique daily requirements for women, men, teens and kids! There’s an ND Shake for everyone in the family – even your pickiest eaters!


Conveniently packed with your daily nutrients

Just shake and go! Every glass comes with a powerhouse blend of easy-to-digest vegan protein, greens, and superfruits, plus a customized multivitamin to meet the specific health needs of each family member. 


Great taste with nothing artificial

Smooth and great tasting. Contains no artificial ingredients or contaminants. Free of GMO, dairy, gluten, soy, eggs and nuts. Available in all natural chocolate or vanilla.