Crafting our tinctures

Orange Naturals tinctures are crafted with excellence by our team of naturopathic doctors and herbalists. Decades of experience ensures that extraction methods chosen craft the most potent and effective tinctures. Here’s a sneak peek at our process!


Herb Selection & Packaging

Herbs are naturally-dried then immediately vacuum-packed to retain vibrancy and medicinal qualities.


Herb Analysis

Every herb is examined for identity, purity and quality. Microscopic photos are taken to ensure that each one meets our stringent standards. 



Each herb is blended and soaked in alcohol or glycerin. Our long steep times and avoidance of heat help to preserve the essential medicinal properties.


Pressing & Filtering

A hydraulic press squeezes out every last drop of medicine from the herbs and filtration removes any extra plant fibres.


Third Party Testing

Every batch is tested by an independent and fully accredited third party laboratory for bacteria, yeast, mould and heavy metals.



Bottling occurs only after a batch of tincture has passed rigorous testing. Dark amber bottles protect the precious ingredients from light damage.