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4 Simple Daily Habits To Improve The Quality Of Your Life

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4 Simple Daily Habits To Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Admittedly, we aren’t fans of drastic resolutions, because our differences are exactly what makes us unique, so why try to change something about yourself?

Instead, if you approach this new beginning as an opportunity to form healthy daily habits for the purpose of bettering your health, then you’ll experience a positive shift in your outlook on life.

Before we get into a few ways you can start to form these daily habits, it’s important to ask the question…

Why do most people fail at New Year’s Resolutions?

Many people make resolutions for the wrong reasons, like getting the perfect Spring Break beach body. If you work out and eat healthily from a superficial standpoint, then your chances of sticking with it drastically decrease week by week as you don’t see results as quickly as you’d like.

The following 4 habits may be simple, but they’ll transform your life and help to make 2018 your best year yet.

Fill your body with more nutrients

We’re all aware of the importance of eating whole, fresh foods to ensure we flood our body with nutrients that will help to boost our energy levels and digestion, strengthen our immune systems, and leave us glowing with health.

Some days though, when you’re rushing about with the kids or cutting it close with a deadline at work, stopping to prepare a nutritious meal just isn’t realistic. When you find yourself in this situation, one of the easiest ways to get your daily dose of nutrients is through a plant protein smoothie.

Manage stress in productive ways

This time of year is known to be especially stressful with most people trying to make a financial comeback after the holidays. Not to mention, all the tasty (yet unhealthy) foods that you’re going to be detoxing for the next few weeks also greatly contribute to stress.

When you feel stuck and not sure what the best way forward is, we recommend making time for activities you truly love. This can be picking up your guitar, going snowshoeing, cooking your way through a new cookbook, or dusting off all your old records you used to love.

Combine this with an anti-stress supplement, you’ll start to minimize the impact stressful situations have on your mind and body.

Reset your natural sleep-wake cycle

Too many of us are slaves to our smartphones and alarm clocks that we underestimate the restorative power of a natural sleep-wake cycle. According to sleep specialist, Dennis Rosen, when we rely on technology and sleep medications, we’re not allowing our bodies to “regulate satiety and hunger” and flush out toxins in the brain, among other benefits of sleep.

For those extra-restless nights, get a little help with our Mag Sleep (with magnesium, GABA, and melatonin) supplement.

Stay hydrated

Finally, an important daily habit to nurture is replenishing your body throughout the day with water. Sipping on water helps maintain bodily functions, aid in natural weight loss, and remove toxins from the body. If you need a reminder throughout the day, the WaterMinder app is a great way to keep you on track.

Happiness doesn’t happen overnight, and certainly not by luck. Instead of approaching change with a superficial goal in mind, develop good habits instead and you’ll see day by day how your life improves for the better.


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