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Who We Are

Orange Naturals makes professional quality, naturopathic health products that are convenient to use and easy to understand.

Hi! We’re Orange Naturals.

  We love natural medicine. And we care deeply about sharing all the benefits it has! Since your wellness means the most to us     all of our products are crafted with care. 

So how do we do that?



We’re proudly Canadian, and we craft our products with love right here in the great white north. That means we maintain the highest quality standards for every single product.

Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

We use only the purest, most carefully sourced natural ingredients, so that our products are clean and safe. And we’ll tell you exactly what’s in them so you can feel confident taking them. Always.



Whomever you’re shopping for in your family, they’ll love our products. We have collections for every life stage, health need, or dietary restriction. All you need to do is pick what you like.

Designed by NDs

Wait, what’s an ND? That’s short for “naturopathic doctor.”

NDs understand that medicine is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to your wellness. To figure out where it might fit, and what the other pieces are, they always look at the big picture:

This is what Orange Naturals is all about. Our NDs take great care deciding what goes into our products so you can get the most out of them. What could be more natural than that?


Join Our Community

Oranges don’t grow alone. Which is why we hope you’ll consider becoming a member of the Orange Naturals community—our grove, if you will—so we can learn from each other and be inspired together.

An orange illustration of trees | Orange Naturals

Orange Hangouts

Where’s the best place to start? Join us on social. This is where you can chat with us directly – and we love hearing from you! We’re passionate about sharing educational health tips and tricks to help you feel your best. Ask us any health-related questions, and strike up conversations with other natural health lovers. Participate in our giveaways. Seek support. Or just come celebrate motivating health stories with us.
An orange illustration of people | Orange Naturals


Want to stay up to date on Orange Naturals resources and products? No problem! Just sign up to receive our emails—which also include special offers and promotions!

Who We Are
What’s an ND?
Join Our Community
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We mean it—don’t be shy. We’d love to hear from you!
[email protected]

Or if you prefer regular mail, our address is:

Orange Naturals
70 Northwind Place
Toronto, ON
M1S 3R5
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Orange Naturals
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