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6 Healthy Summer Road Trip Essentials

We’ve all seen the list of must-have road trip essentials from heaps of snacks to travel-size beauty products, but what about road trip essentials to keep us healthy on our summer road trip?

In this article, we’ll list 6 of our absolute health must-haves to keep your skin and body healthy no matter where your destination may be!

Dive on in!


This is always top of our list because the last thing you want to deal with is a sunburn while on the road. Naturally, you’re going to make pit stops to stretch your legs so be sure to slather on a good SPF of at least 30 or higher to protect your skin against aging and to reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Be sure to look for an all natural sunblock rather than a chemical sunscreen.

Physical sunblocks bounce light off your skin and back into the atmosphere thanks to natural minerals like zinc oxide, whereas chemical sunscreens contain chemicals that absorb the sun’s rays and neutralize them. They have also been linked to hormonal disorders so best to stay away. 

Don’t forget to slip something natural into your bag as well, to help with burn relief in case the sunscreen slips off. 

Bug Bites Cream

Bug bites are never fun, but with our Bites and Stings Homeopathic Remedy you can quickly enjoy relief from the pain, itching, swelling and redness of pesky insect bites so you can start enjoying your trip!

Extra Water

You can’t go wrong with packing in a few extra bottles of pure, filtered water just in case you break down or the weather gets too hot.

Water is essential to prevent dehydration and keep the body running optimally so be sure to sip throughout the day to keep your insides hydrated and healthy.

Add some ice, a few slices of lemon, cucumber and mint for an antioxidant boost and a truly refreshing twist on plain ol’ water!


Your muscles are sure to get tired from hours on the road so help to relieve muscle tightness and pain by taking our daily magnesium supplement. Our MagPop! magnesium glycinate sachets are the perfect little packet to stash into your beach bag and backpack as well. Mix with a little water and voila – instant muscle hydration in a glass!  

Magnesium has the added benefit of reducing anxiety and will help you to get a good night’s rest so you’re ready bright and early for the new day of driving!


Gut health is essential for preventing disease, a healthy mind and for keeping you regular, which is definitely something you don’t want to worry about on the road!

Be sure to make probiotics a road trip meal planning staple to support your digestive health all trip long.

Coconut Oil

Okay, so this one has health and beauty benefits!

Coconut oil is excellent as an all-purpose makeup remover and moisturizer and may even help to add additional UV protection when applied along with your sunscreen.

From a health standpoint, just a teaspoon of organic coconut oil a day will provide you with some healthy fats to fight inflammation in your body and to keep your skin clear. We can’t get enough!

Be sure to pack these products into your bag and brushed up on our Summer safety tips before you go anywhere this summer!


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