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Here’s Why Effective Stress Management Starts With Your Food

by Guest Author on in Food, Nutrition, and Stress Management

Here’s Why Effective Stress Management Starts With Your Food

Most people admit that they would love to feel a little happier in their everyday life. With so much pressure on us in relation to work, chores, and running a household, it’s not surprise that you may struggle with your mood, and that’s completely okay – you’re only human after all! However, if you constantly take on too much, without taking time for yourself; and if your lifestyle is in need of a bit of a healthy overhaul, then this blog article is for you!

You deserve to feel good. It’s your natural state of being. But sometimes, a few lifestyle changes are needed in order to make this a reality.

We want to share some simple lifestyle changes and healthy foods and herbs that really make a major difference when it comes to your mental health. Try these effective stress management tips and start feeling more uplifting and energetic, and discover your newfound ability to deal with stressful situations in a calmer, more mindful way.


Your food really does matter

Every single thing you eat has an impact on your mental health. So naturally, you want to choose your foods wisely.

Processed, fast foods with no nutrient value simply contribute to inflammation in your body, which decreases good gut bacteria and may actually cause you to feel depressed and anxious. This is because a healthy gut is needed for sufficient amounts serotonin (your brain’s happy chemical) to be produced. At least 70% of your serotonin is produced in the gut.

Eating foods and drinks that promote good gut bacteria like fermented foods, yogurt and kombucha are all great ways to give your gut a healthy boost. Also consider incorporating a good quality probiotic supplement to ensure you are getting all the good gut flora you can.


Find healthy ways to manage stresskari-shea-qa1wvrlWCio-unsplash

Easier said than done, but stress can take a real toll – increasing inflammation in the body, leaving you feeling pretty low.

Finding ways to move your body and break a sweat every day is so important for your mental health. Try a stimulating yoga flow that gets the blood flowing while still helping us be mindful of our breathing. Going for a walk in nature is also a great way to get your steps in, while you soothe your mind with some green space.

Sometimes, your body may need a little extra help when stress is too high, and this is where adaptogens come in.

Bounce Back is a blend of adaptogenic herbs and nutrients, specially formulated to provide an improved sense of wellbeing and help improve mental and physical performance after periods of exertion. Consisting of powerful ingredients such as schisandra and ashwagandha, Bounce Back can help to provide the ultimate adrenal support without any side effects.

By following these simple yet effective stress management tips, you can be well on your way to fo feeling better. Moving your body, eating clean, and taking care of your mental health through mindful activities is key. Be sure to do something you love each and every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes!



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