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Collagen: Fighting wrinkles, joint pain, muscle loss and more!

Let’s face it, our bodies naturally change as we age. That can mean the arrival of wrinkles, thinning hair and joint pain. These changes all have one thing in common – a decrease in collagen.

From around the age of 25, our collagen stores start to deplete and production slows down. But that doesn’t mean you’re doomed! Dietary and supplemental sources of collagen can help. Let’s take a deeper look at how this nutrient works, and how you can choose a collagen supplement for your specific needs.

Collagen holds us together

Collagen is a protein stored in the skin, cartilage, bones, joints, tendons, and muscles of humans and animals. Even our eyes, teeth, and intestines contain some collagen. It’s a fibre-like structure that acts as a glue to hold each connective tissue together. Without it, we would fall apart!

Running up the stairs, bending down to pick up a toy, or simply sitting down can all contribute to everyday wear and tear on our bodies. While we don’t necessarily feel the effects immediately, we might start to notice the impacts as collagen production slows down.

How do we keep up with collagen loss?

Even though collagen loss is a natural part of aging, factors such as increased exposure to UV light, pollution and a lack of dietary collagen can speed up the loss.

Centuries ago, bones, organs and tendons appeared more often in daily meals. These days, whole-animal eating is less common, so the effects of collagen loss can show up as earlier signs of aging. Dull skin, joint pain and difficulty in your daily movements can all be signs of insufficient collagen. But adding dietary or supplemental collagen to your daily routine can be a great preventative strategy to help maintain healthy collagen levels within your body.

Collagen in your diet

Since collagen is found in your bones and cartilage, it makes sense that consuming animal products give you collagen as well. Beef, chicken and fish bones are full of collagens and minerals. Don’t worry, you won’t have to crunch on the bones, you can simply use them in your cooking to make broth. The broth can then be used in soups, stews and cooking rice. Meats with connective tissue parts (flank, round, shank, chuck) are also great sources of collagen.

What about those who follow a plant-based diet?

For vegans, consuming the cofactors for collagen production is an alternative to consuming collagen itself. The process of building collagen requires nutrients like vitamin C and silicon, so eating lots of foods rich in these nutrients can improve your collagen stores. Orange Naturals Vitamin C bottle


What to look for in a collagen supplement

It can be tough to get everything we need from our diet alone, including collagen. That’s why you’ll see all those collagen supplements lining the shelves of your local grocer, pharmacy or health food store. But how do you know which one to choose? Let’s take a look.

The type of collagen

When looking for a collagen supplement, you may notice different ‘types’ listed on the label. Different types of collagen will help with a specific function of the body. Type I and III collagen are the most common for general use, as these types are what primarily make up the body’s skeletal structure. Type I collagen is naturally found in connective tissues, tendons, organs and bones. Type III collagen is found in the organs, arteries, bone marrow and lymph system. Many supplements for hair, skin, nails and joint health are made from type I and III collagen.

On the other hand, type II collagen is mostly found in cartilage. Your joints (knees, elbows, ribs, spine) need collagen to cushion the movements. Type II is your go-to for reducing joint pain!

The size of collagen peptides

Another important factor to keep in mind is the size of the collagen peptide. Generally speaking, smaller is better. If the peptides are too big, your digestive system will have to break them down into shorter amino acid sequences that might not be absorbable or able to benefit the body. An effective collagen supplement will be extracted and separated into peptides that are in an optimal sequence to build the right protein structure. Research shows collagen peptides 5kDa or lower are the most easily absorbed and used by the body.

Collagen supplements according to your needs

With so many different options available, it can be difficult to know which collagen supplement to choose. After all, everyone has different needs! That’s why, at Orange Naturals, we’ve created a wide variety of formulas that can help support collagen production within your body. Whether you’re looking for glowing skin or relief from your knee pain, choosing the right collagen will target your specific need!

Collagen Skin ReviveOrange Naturals Collagen Skin Revive bottle

Give your skin a youthful glow with Collagen Skin Revive Powder. This powder contains a specialized combination of collagen peptides that are scientifically proven to give you smoother and firmer skin in just 28 days! Add a scoop to your everyday drink and watch your skin and nails revive. Wrinkles? They don’t stand a chance!


  • Reduces wrinkles in 28 days
  • Activates skin collagen production
  • Visibly delays skin aging
  • Reduces eye wrinkles
  • Supports cellulite reduction

Collagen Active Muscle

As the most abundant protein in the human body, collagen is a must for building lean muscle mass. Collagen peptides provide amino acid building blocks for each muscle to help facilitate muscle protein synthesis.

Collagen Active Muscle contains type I and IIIOrange Naturals Collagen Active Muscle bottle collagen, which are naturally found in muscles, tendons and ligaments. When you supplement with this collagen formula, your muscles get a boost and are protected from the natural muscle loss that comes with age. Along with resistance training and the proper nutrients, getting lean and toned is possible no matter your life stage!


  • Contains type I and III collagen
  • Supports the growth of healthy muscles
  • Prevents the loss of muscle mass
  • Improves fat metabolism
  • Boosts results of resistance training

Collagen Active Joints

Our joints work hard every day. Whether you’re sitting, walking, running, exercising or getting ready for bed, they facilitate each and every one of your movements. As collagen stores decline with age, you may find that your knees, wrists, hips or neck become stiffer. A healthy joint is only as healthy as the connective tissue (tendons and ligaments) surrounding it.Orange Naturals Collagen Active Joints bottle

Supplementing with the ideal sized collagen peptides provides a reliable supply of nutrients that will encourage more collagen production and easy movements at the joints. Collagen Active Joints contain type I and III collagen peptides that are found naturally in the ligament and tendons, to help build a healthy joint and painless movements. So you can keep movin’ and groovin’!


  • Contains type I and III collagen
  • Reduces joint pain associated with osteoarthritis
  • Creates a healthier joint-cartilage collagen structure
  • Helps joint move more freely and painlessly
  • Reduces pain and stiffness at joints

Silicon Fresh LookOrange Naturals Silicon Fresh Look bottle

If you follow a plant-based diet, silicon can give you similar results to collagen supplementation. One daily capsule of Silicon Fresh Look can aid natural collagen production. Think of silicon as the glue holding your cells together – they help proteins like collagen stick so that the skin is firm and supple. Biotin is another key player in this formula. It is a well-known nutrient for healthy skin, hair and nails, keeping you looking fresh all day.


  • The world’s most absorbable form of silicon sourced from natural quartz
  • Helps maintain collagen production
  • Increases hair, skin and nail growth
  • Vegan option to collagen

Collagen does it all

Since collagen makes up your bones, joints, skin, tendons and muscles, every bodily system will benefit from collagen consumption. Add it to your daily routine and watch your wrinkles, muscle pain and bone loss disappear. The earlier you start, the more your body will thank you!


König, D., Oesser, S., Scharla, S., Zdzieblik, D., & Gollhofer, A. (2018). Specific Collagen Peptides Improve Bone Mineral Density and Bone Markers in Postmenopausal Women-A Randomized Controlled Study. Nutrients, 10(1), 97.

Murad, S., Grove, D., Lindberg, K. A., Reynolds, G., Sivarajah, A., & Pinnell, S. R. (1981). Regulation of collagen synthesis by ascorbic acid. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 78(5), 2879–2882.


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