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summer skin

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Get A Healthy Summer Skin Complexion In 3 Simple Steps

Do you need a change in your skincare routine?

The steps you were following to combat dry skin during the cooler months may not be suitable during the warmer months and may, in fact, cause you to break out no matter your age!

Ditching the moisturizer completely is not recommended either as the harsh UV rays of the sun are the skin’s worst enemy in terms of accelerated aging, not to mention increasing your risk of skin cancer.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can incorporate into your daily routine to ensure your skin stays its healthiest and radiant best all summer long! Now go rock that summer glow! 

Step 1: Hydrate from the inside out

Water becomes especially important when the weather heats up and you may find that your water needs increase.

Two litres of water per day is usually recommended, but when you’re out sweating in the sun, you’ll need to drink more to replace any lost fluids.

Sufficient water intake is not just essential to prevent dehydration, it’s absolutely necessary for a healthy, dewy complexion. A lack of water will show up as dry, flaky skin, especially on the lips, and an overall dull appearance.

Our top tip is to keep a large water bottle with you and to take small sips throughout your day.

For an antioxidant and detox boost, add skin-brightening lemon, refreshing mint to combat bloat and cucumber for a delicious twist on plain ol’ H20! 

Step 2: Make sunscreen a staple in your skincare routine

Sunscreen should be a staple year-round as you can even burn in the winter months.

However, during summer when more skin is exposed, it becomes a necessity.

In a study of over 900 participants in Nambour, Australia, regular sunscreen use was proven to lessen the effects of photoaging and according to Dr. Adele Green, the study’s lead author, “sunscreen use by young and mid-aged adults under 55 brings cosmetic benefits and also decreases the risk of skin cancer.”

Slather up with a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF every single time you are outdoors and don’t forget about spots often missed such as the hands and the ears! 

Step 3: Don’t ditch the oils

Skincare oils are all the rage during the cooler months, but what about during summer when you find your skin can become quite greasy?

All you need to do is switch up your oils for lighter, faster absorbing ones that will still promote a healthy glow and protect against environmental pollutants.

You may want to put heavy oils like argan oil aside and opt for lighter oils like sea buckthorn, jojoba and hemp seed oil, all of which will still protect against the signs of aging, but without clogging your pores.


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