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Topics addressed in this article:

Tips for Navigating Daughters through Menstruation

Guest Author: Dr. Cassandra Connolly BSc, ND

Acne, mood swings, breasts, body odour, hair down there?

Transitioning from childhood to motherhood is a BIG change for girls and parents! From frequent mood swings, to skin breakouts and hair growth, it can be a very overwhelming time. 

The following tips have been found to be helpful with making this transition smoother, as well as giving your daughter a head start towards healthy hormone health.


  • A well-balanced diet is key!
  • Consume whole nutritious foods. Limit packaged and processed foods.
  • Use the new Canada Food Guide as a reference.
  • Involve your daughter in grocery shopping, meal prep, etc. This way, they feel they have some control and will be more willing to try new foods.


  • Exercise is so important both for physical well-being as well as for mental health! Girls should choose an activity that they enjoy. That way, they will stick with it.
  • Studies show that girls that exercise on a regular basis have a significant decrease in PMS symptoms, specifically depression, fatigue and pain.


  • Vitamin D
    • This is otherwise known as the sunshine vitamin!
    • Most of us do not spend enough time outdoors to get an adequate dose of this vitamin!
    • Important for immune health, bone health, and general health and wellbeing.
  • Probiotics
    • Your gut is your gateway to health! A healthy gut goes a long way in improving mood, regulating hormones and helping with detoxification of excess hormones in the body.
    • Healthy gut bacteria is proving to be crucial in hormone health, as new studies are showing that it is involved in regulating estrogen levels in our body.
  • Omega-3’s
    • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it may help with menstrual pain and cramping.
    • May help regulate hormonal fluctuations and stabilize mood.

Once your first menstruation period arrives, premenstrual symptoms often accompany on a monthly basis. If you or someone you know experience PMS or hormone-related issues, a great product to try is Hormone Hero. Containing synergistic herbs and nutrients, this formula works to relieve premenstrual and menstrual pain, as well as other PMS symptoms, including irritability and breast tenderness.

Trying to avoid capsules? Here are a few in tincture form to help relieve symptoms of PMS:

  • Containing a blend of chaste tree, dandelion, skullcap and black cohosh, Orange Naturals’ PMS tincture works to stabilize menstrual cycle irregularities and relieve PMS symptoms. Did you know: chaste tree offers PMS relief in about 90% of women! Both skullcap and black cohosh are herbs that have relaxing qualities on muscles and the mind, and can help relieve cramps, reduce tension and irritability. Dandelion root is a liver tonic and blood cleanser.
  • For those suffering from painful or profuse menstruation, try this classic plant: Red Raspberry. It’s been used in Chinese Medicine and in European, Australian and North American herbal medicine for hundreds of years.
  • Achieve PMS relief with homeopathics! Orange Naturals’ all natural PMS + Cramp works to promote stable moods, reduce breast tenderness and bloating, and alleviate cramping associated with menstrual cycles.

After the reproductive years, menopause is the next important stage in a woman’s life, which can bring many unfamiliar and uncomfortable changes. Some symptoms include hot flashes, weight gain, mood swings, reduced sexual desire, and insomnia. Holistic approaches through diet, lifestyle, and supplementation can help ease this transition. For instance, maintaining a healthy weight, consuming whole unprocessed foods, and exercising regularly are beneficial. For a natural remedy, Orange Naturals’ Menopause tincture provides a combination of black cohosh, chaste tree, milk thistle, and St. John’s wort to naturally balance hormones.

Both menopause and menstruation are natural parts of a woman’s life cycle. Support your daughter’s transition through natural approaches to keep hormones balanced. Starting at a young age, let’s teach girls to take care of themselves and lay the foundation for them to continue taking charge of their health for the years to come.


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